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18 July 2021


History of Company "Battery Company" has its origins in 2008, when it is registered enterprise IP Pinaev, which successfully engaged in the wholesale trade in batteries, with more than 150 contractors in the Sverdlovsk region.

A logical extension was the creation in 2010. Company Ltd. "The storage company," which has committed itself to expanding the range one way or another connected with the manufacture and sale of lead-acid batteries, namely, the supply of lead and lead-antimony alloys. Despite the short period the company, we were able to take a firm position in the market trading non-ferrous metals and alloys.

Due to the dynamic development we have been able to attract highly qualified personnel, and is now in the company, "Battery Company" are specialists with years of experience in the field of nonferrous metallurgy.
Product quality is controlled by its own laboratory spectral analysis (OKB "Spectrum" St. Peteburg).

We are always open to new ideas and technologies.