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Periodic table of Mendeleev

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18 July 2021


Metals and alloys

Number Name
3778-98 Lead Download
1292-81 Lead-antimony alloys Download
21930-76 Tin-lead solders. Pig. Download
1320-74 Babbits tin and lead Download
5539-73 Litharge Download
19151-73 Minium lead Download
860-75 Tin Download
9723-73 Tin Powder Download
1089-82 Antimony Download
3640-94 Zinc Download
12601-76 Zinc powder Download
10928-90 Bismuth Download
1467-93 Cadmium Download
4515-93 Alloys of copper and phosphorous Download
11069-2001 Primary aluminum. Stamps. Download
4784-97 Aluminum and wrought aluminum alloys. Stamps. Download
295-98 Aluminum for deoxidation, the production of ferroalloys and aluminothermy Download
9498-79 The ingots of aluminum and aluminum alloys deformed flat
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Rent Color

Number Name
9559-89 Lead Sheets Download
167-69 Lead Pipes Download
89-73 The role of lead Download
18680-73 Details of filling Download
21931-76 Olvyanno-lead solders. Products. Download
598-90 Sheets of zinc a general-purpose Download
1180-91 Zinc Anodes Download
18327-73 Zinc ribbon of general purpose Download
21631-76 Sheets of aluminum and aluminum alloys Download
21488-97 Rods extruded aluminum and aluminum alloys Download
18482-79 Pipes made of aluminum Download
14838-78 Wire of aluminum and aluminum alloys for cold heading Download
8617-81 Wire welding of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Download
17232-99 Plates of aluminum Download
13726-97 Tape of aluminum and aluminum alloys Download
15176-89 Tires made of aluminum electrical Download


Number Name
10700-97 Waste paper is paper and cardboard Download