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18 July 2021

Used equipment

"Battery Company", Ltd. on a regular basis takes to sell, and implement their own used equipment:

1. Lead Rotary Furnace:

Designed for smelting reduction of lead battery scrap, slag, etc. Suitable for melting lead and tin, aluminum, etc. Lined. Complete with a liquid-fuel burner on spent fuel (oil, heating oil). Two asynchronous motor 4.0 kW (n = 950r/min) and 2.2 kW (n = 2870r/min). Price discussed. 

furnance = 1200мм, furnance = 2100мм.

2. Centrifugal Fan Motor:





Fan ("snail") ВЦ 4-70-3,15 designed for air conditioning and ventilation systems of industrial, public and residential buildings. It can also be used for other industrial and sanitary purposes.

ВЦ 4-70-3,15 - 2 pieces. Price discussed.

3. Rotary Part (Element) of Lead Rotary Furnace

Сomes with asynchronous electric motor (4.0 kW, n = 920r/min). Price discussed.

4. Electric Furnace:

Electric furnace for melting non-ferrous metals ПП-1,0-5. Available 2pcs. Price discussed.

5. Boiler Refinery. Capacity - 4 tons, complete with waste oil burner. 

6. Piston compressor:

Receiver V=200Litres, weight 75kg, pressure = 1.4 MPa. Pressure switch "Condor MDR3" with a "on/off" button. The maximum power of the motor 380V: 3 kW (2870r/min), maximum current: 6.1A

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