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18 July 2021


Tin - State standard (ГОСТ) & Specifications (ТУ):

Title Mark (compliance) State standard (ГОСТ) Product Weight of one piece Note (package)
Tin ОВЧ 000   860-75   ingot, block  ingots 30-40 кг blocks 1,2,3 т. Bags of 25-35 pigs, the total weight is 1350 kg.
О1 пч   ingot, block
О1 ingot, block
О2 ingot, block
О3 ingot
О4 ingot

Rolled Tin:

Title Размеры Mark (compliance) State standard (ГОСТ)
Bar till 8 mm ОВЧ 000   860-75
Anode  - О1 пч 860-75
Wire 1,2-1,5 mm О1 пч 860-75
2-3 mm
3-8 mm

Tin powder ГОСТ 9723-73

Mark Chemical composition, % 
not less than
Impurities, not more than remain*
Pb Fe Cu S Bi As Sb O
ПОЭ 99,0 0,25 0,02 0,03 0,016 0,05 0,015 0,05 0,5 0,02
ПО1 99,1 0,15 0,02 0,03 0,016 0,05 0,015 0,05 0,5 0,02
ПО2 99,0 0,25 0,02 0,03 0,016 0,05 0,015 0,05 0,5 0,02
ПО3 99,0 0,25 0,02 0,03 0,016 0,05 0,015 0,05 0,5 0,02

*- calcined powder processing site after hydrochloric acid, not more

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To produce metallic tin use replacement (reaction) smelting ores, raw materials or concentrated oxide dust. To melt tin or use reflective special type shaft furnace (this is one of several ways) in the presence (reducing). Both types of furnace slag yield rich tin (25%). Then receive a crude metal contaminated by impurities of iron, lead, copper, antimony, arsenic, bismuth, etc. (at a low price you can buy and such). In Russia, as elsewhere in the world, widespread production of recycled tin. Major area of ??tin consumption in Russia is to produce alloys, primarily solders and babbitt. Alloys are used in the electrical and electronics industry. Babbit bearings are used for the production. The end users are babbitt repair units, the company railways.Prices of raw tin dictated by the market, which is being activated after a short standstill.In today's world tin found its application. Now you can buy refined metal tin the following marks О1пч, О1, О2, 03, 04, ГОСТ 860-75 in ingots, as well as alloys of tin, solders with different content (in bars), anodes, granules, sheets, and tin powder marks ПОЭ, ПО1, ПО2, ПО3. Alloys are in great demand. Producers sell as tin ingots of various grades, so different tin and lead-tin alloys: babbit different grades of 16 to 83, Tin Lead (ПОС 30, 40, 60). 

Despite the fact that Russia is not the highest in the world in production of tin ore and other tin-containing materials are not expensive, both wholesale and retail, at adequate prices, tin can be purchased in many of its regions, Novosibirsk (NOC), Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Kurgan, Perm, Samara, Togliatti, Volgograd and other cities of Russia.