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18 July 2021


Lead - State standard (ГОСТ) & Specifications (ТУ):

Title Mark (compliance) State standard (ГОСТ) Product Weight of one piece Note (package)
LEAD С1   3778-98 ingot, block ingots 30-40kg, blocks 1,2,3 tons. Bags of 25-35 pigs, the total weight is 1500 kg.
С2С   3778-98
С2   3778-98
С3   3778-98

Also supply bullion with up to 99,0 Pb; highly antimony bullion Sb from 3% to 18%.

Lead-antimony alloys:

Title Mark (compliance) State Standart (ГОСТ)
Product Weight of one piece Note (package)
LEAD PbSb  1292-81 ingot, block ingots 40 kg, blocks 1000 kg (+10%) Bags of 25-35 pigs, the total weight not more than 1500 kg.
ССуА 1292-81
ССу2 1292-81
ССу3 1292-81
ССу8  1292-81
ССу10 1292-81

We draw your attention to the possibility of delivery of lead with a given alloy composition.

Rolled lead:

Title Length / Width Thickness Mark (compliance) State Standart (ГОСТ)
Lead sheet 1000*500 mm 0,5 mm, 1-3 mm, 3-6 mm, from 7 mm and more С1, С2С, С2, С3 9559-89 
1200*600 mm
Title Sizes Mark (compliance) State Standart (ГОСТ)
Bar till 8 mm С1, С2С, С2, С3, Ссу3, ССу2, ССуА 3778-98
Wire 1,2-1,5 mm С1, С2С, С2, С3, Ссу3, ССу2, ССуА 3778-98, 1292-81, ТУ 
2-3 mm
3-8 mm

Also supply rolled lead in size of the customer.

Also you can buy:

  • Lead powder, marks: ПС1, ПС2 ТУ.
  • Lead role, dimensions on request.
  • Leaden seals. 
  • Granulated lead on specifications 6-09-3523-80.
  • Fraction lead.
  • Balance weights.

For more information on availability and prices please call 8(343)3280818, 3282628 or email us: 3280828@rambler.ru

Article for the search:

To obtain use of lead replacement (reaction) smelting ore or lead concentrate. In lead rotary furnace (one of several ways) in the presence (reducing) then get crude metal (you can also buy this one), contaminated by impurities of tin, antimony, arsenic, bismuth, etc., and lead slag. In Russia, as elsewhere in the world, is widespread production of secondary lead mainly of used lead-acid batteries (scrap batteries), as well as other waste Lead scrap cable sheath (cable armor), lump scrap, remelting (samoplavy, samolite) , lead slag removal, dross and other waste generated at the collection point non-ferrous metals, and then fed to the mill for further processing, such as refining. Price of refined lead is usually higher than the crude metal.

In the modern world, this metal has been applied. Now you can buy branded refined metal lead marked ГОСТ 3778-98, ГОСТ 1292-81, С1, С2, С2С, С3, С3С, roughing, high antimony, in ignots, blocks and products, such as lead sheets, the role, the weights, oxides, sulfides, granules, powders, white. Alloys are in great demand. Producers sell lead typesetting, cable, battery, Garth, and ligature lead, lead-antimony alloys (PbSb), tin-lead (PbSu), alloys of lead and arsenic PbAs others. Prices for these alloys determined by the market. Companies sell "soft" lead С1, С2, С2С, С3, С3С bulk, sheets, ingots, blocks, strips, rods and wire. Not expensive at retail can buy lead in Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Kurgan, Perm, Samara, Togliatti, Volgograd and other cities of Russia. Buying lead in Moscow and St. Petersburg is not as profitable as it used to, since the production of lead and increased the number of producers has increased. Price of lead in the Sverdlovsk region, Urals Federal District and Russia as a whole depends on the LME. Quality determines ГОСТ 3778-98, ГОСТ 1292-81. Lead alloys move up their ГОСТ's. Read more at article Alloys.